Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Are Americans Ready to Start a Nuclear War?

I think everyone who reads this blog should read George Lakoff's essay on what an invasion of Iran really means: It is important for those of you who don't read him regularly to realize that Lakoff is not a crank - he's a serious scholar, and he's picked up on something that most Americans would prefer not to notice - that what our nation is in danger of doing in Iraq is beginning a nuclear war. We will be the first nation in history to use nuclear weapons as unprovoked aggressors. It is horrifying enough that the US is using depleted uranium in Iraq and Afghanistan - the consequences of DU are serious for both the people of Iraq and for our own soldiers. But, covertly, what is being discussed right now is the destruction of Iran's nuclear program - and the country - by using a nuclear weapon against another nation.

And every man, woman and child who allows it, who does not throw their time and energy and money into stopping these people from nuking another nation, who does not tell every person in power who will listen, "No - we will not be the people who begin nuclear wars," has tacitly acquiesced to an act of evil, and a loss of moral authority we never will regain.

Stop it. Say the words. Say "take the nuclear option off the table." Publicize this reality everywhere - if we can stop them from bombing at all, so much the better, but let it be known far and wide that we're still Americans, and there are still things of value that American people refuse to do, evils we refuse to consider. Call. Write. March. Yell. Stop it.



Anonymous said...

Yes- it is horrifying. I have been e-mailing my reps and senators- and I know that they will not support a war with Iran. The part that troubles me is the possibility that our Prez will attempt to go to war without any authorization- and it will definitely be nuclear- we do not have the troop #'s needed to wage war on another front, so he'll use "the bomb". It is truly insane.

Iran does not really present a danger to us- other than to "our" oil- and this is the crux of it I think. The only reason we would do this. It will backfire horribly too- lead to a regional war in the mid-east, turn the world even further against us, and it will not be a good thing for Israel. In fact, I wouldn't doubt that if we do this, Israel will be blamed- and Jews elsewhere will be targeted- will make what Moslems in the US went through after 9/11 seem mild I fear.

It is so crazy- our government is out of control.

farmer, vet and feeder of all animals said...

Sent them---thanks for the "reminder". I have been so busy lately I have missed this past weeks news and the whole stock market crash.
My husband was just commenting last night on why the media hadn't picked up on the 12000 troops in Somalia and our war....oops that's "help" there. They barely hit the Iran thing either it seems.

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