Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Just Keep Farming Until the Money Runs Out

There's an old joke among farmers. One asks, "What would you do if you won 100 million dollars in the lottery?" The farmer thinks for a moment and says, "Oh, I'd probably just keep farming until the money ran out." And unfortunately - this is, in the end, no joke, but representative of the reality of most American family farmers, and a vast number of farmers world-wide. All over the world, the industrial economy has created situations where the costs of growing food are greater than the prices we pay for it. That means that farmers are terrifically indebted, and terribly vulnerable. And yet, they are willing to pay that price in order to keep a way of life going.

Peter Rosset in his book _Food Is Different_ notes that in Mexico, despite the fact that NAFTA and WTO policies meant that the price of imported corn was up to 33% below the cost of growing it in Mexico, 3 million poor and indigenous farmers still planted their land to maize - even though they couldn't sell it for a profit because of American grain dumping. The traditions of corn growing were so important, and their commitment to their land so great that the farmers kept on farming, despite heavy economic counterpressures.

And how did they keep on farming? Well, to a large degree by having family members move to Mexican cities, or to America, and send back money to subsidize the desperately poor farmers who still cling to their land and the via campesina, the traditional way of life in the countryside. Despite the active intent of industrial agriculture to undermine traditional ways of life and drive peasants into the cities where they can be used for cheap labor (and into the US for the same purpose), peasants in Mexico and all over the world recognize that even if they have to seperate families, disrupt cultures and risk death by illegal immigration into wealthier nations - life on the land is worth something.

Millions of American farmers recognize the same thing - they work off farm jobs, working at night after a full day on their land, or farming in the evenings on their way home from work. Families that once worked together now are divided as spouses go off the land to get health insurance and make enough money to support their farming. Others become tenant farmers on their own land - going into debt to companies who micromanage each decision and use the farmers as virtual serfs, so indebted are they for huge buildings, elaborate equipment and other materials dictated by large meat and milk processors.

Farmers, in essence, are subsidizing your cheap food by working extra hours, by sending their family members off to work in other nations, by impoverishing themselves. They value their land and their lives sufficiently that they are willing to pay the price to keep farms that are rendered economically unviable by the industrial economy available. This is a shame - that is, something we should be ashamed of, that we treat the people who feed us so shoddily, and do them so much harm.

In poor nations, many farmers are serfs on land they or their families once owned. Over the last decades, the best farmland in the world has been forcibly claimed for multinational corporations, and the peasants who once owned the farmland (but rarely had formal deeds, because their ownership was traditional, going back generations) were impressed into service on plantations as virtual slaves, or cast out to become urban slum dwellers.

When farmers fail, they are either driven off their land and out of their culture, their community and their way of life, or they kill themselves. The rate of farmer suicides in the US has been horrifically high since the 1980s, and those rates are rising in places like South Korea, India and Africa. The choice is offered - the death of way of life - or the end of your life. When Korean farmer Lee Kyung Hae committed suicide on the barricades of the 2003 WTO protests in Cancun, he did it holding a sign saying "WTO Kills Farmers" - and they do. Globalization murders farmers, and it murders the way of life that farmers hold dear. It drives them to exhaustion, to illegal immigration, to slavery and serfdom, and to suicide.

Not only is this situation morally horrifying, and destructive to food security and human life, but there's another issue. Ask yourself - what do these poor Mexican peasants and Korean rice farmers, American corn farmers and African subsistence farmers know that I do not? Seriously, how many of us, if our jobs made us no money at all, if in order to keep them we'd have to do dangerous, exhausting things and break up our families - how many of us would do it? How many of us care so very much for the work we do?

No one, of course. So for those who were not born with a strong connection with land, it is worth asking - what is it about agriculture that makes farmers so desperately willing to sacrifice almost anything, even their lives, rather than lose their relationship with a place, and a piece of land, a culture and a way of life? What do we have in our jobs, in our culture, in our places that we value as much?

And if the answer is "nothing" - that is, if the answer is that we do not value our work and our homes and our way of living and our communities enough to sacrifice nearly everything for it, to stand up and resist what industrial civilization demands, then perhaps we need to look for new ways of life, at the same time we are working to ensure that farmers do not have to make these choices. Most of us regard our homes as a fungible commodity - we could live here or there. We regard our work perhaps as part of our identity, but also fundamentally mobile, changeable. We see our culture, if we feel we have one, as troubled, and few of us would sacrifice to maintain it as it is - we see it as something that ultimately needs transformation. We certainly have little or no relationship with the land itself - most of us only go outside occasionally.

What would we feel about our culture and our lives if we were to stay in one place, invest ourselves, our culture and our lives in soil and community and culture in a deep way, if we were to know a single place profoundly and in depth. Americans right now are the most depressed people in the world - we turn to medication and therapy, but rarely ever to good work and a powerful connection with nature.

It is not enough to say that we must fix agriculture, although we must do that. But in a world of increasing misery and displacement, we must fix ourselves, and agriculture may be a way to do that. It is possible that by returning to small scale agriculture we might find ourselves again, along with remediating some of the great harm our shift to industrial food production has done.



RAS said...

Sharon, I think I understand exactly what farmer's feel that keeps them determined to stay connected tothe land, for I too have those feelings. It is a connection, a need, a primal sense of rightness and balance with nature. As a pagan, I am tied to the Earth, to her cycles and seasons. To birth, growth, death, and rebirth. I feel Her in my soul; I am part of Her as She is part of me.
That is a very bad verbalization, but these things were never meant to be put into words!

Alantex said...

I am active in a local food co-op and although I am not a staffer on the front lines, I still get asked "Why is organically-grown food so expensive?" by people who ought to know better. My answer for many years has been, "That's the wrong question. The real question is why is conventional food so cheap?"

And, of course, it's for the reasons you lay out in your post and because so many of the costs of conventional food are "externalized". We pay the price for cheap produce, dairy products, meats, and grains in the taxes we pay to clean up pollution, in the steadily eroding topsoil which will eventually destroy what have been our most productive farmlands, in health problems caused by foods contaminated with a smörgåsbord of chemicals and harmful micro-organisms, in the moral crime and political danger of farm families around the world deprived of livelihood and driven off the land, in taxes to pay for military forces to control the landless poor of the world, in global warming caused by the massive burning of fossil fuels to grow, process, and transport our "cheap" food, in oppression of laborers who cannot earn a living wage and who are regularly exposed to illegal levels of pesticides, in degradation of our tastes and our bodies by highly-processed, sugar- and fat-laden "food products".

Is there anything "right" with food produced by conventional American-style agriculture? Is it cheap enough for really poor people to afford a good diet? No. It's just cheap enough for middle-class people to afford enough of the kinds of food they like to satisfy (and fatten) them without making a major dent in their budgets.

After all, the capitalist elite wants them to have plenty of money to spend on entertainment, gadgets, fashionable clothing, travel, and gambling. And, maybe, a little left over to put in the collection plate on Sunday to help out those poor people.

Anonymous said...

Also heard:

A man noticed another man standing on a street corner selling dollar bills for 50 cents. He asked the other: "Why are you selling dollar bills for 50 cents?" The vendor replied, "Well, it sure beats farming."

Stephen Beltramini
Walpole, MA

Anonymous said...

Well said. I used to farm full-time- and spent my "spare time" scrambling to make the money I was losing by farming. Now I farm part-time so I can make enough to live on by working other jobs- and I don't require a high standard of living- but enough to get by.

It is outrageous- and most people don't seem to get it. Does anyone expect their auto mechanic, accountant or doctor to work a second job in order to keep on repairing cars, doctoring or
whatever? But we accept that farmers will willingly do this- and I can tell you that farming is hard on the body- not a soft job by any means.

Why is this happening? Well the control of agriculture by huge corporate agribusiness entities as well as globalization. I get to compete in the marketplace against fruit and vegies imported from all sorts of countries with lower costs and poorly paid workers. And then we have our heavily subsidized transportation system with our heavily subsidized fuel providing the means to ship it all over the world. It is outrageous, but most people never consider it at all-they want to buy food at the cheapest price possible. They fully expect the value of their home to appreciate- and boast of how much more it is now worth than what they paid for it 5 years ago- but resent having to fork over an extra quarter for a head of lettuce or a gallon of milk.In their minds, food costs should stay fixed, preferably at 1960's levels. And then they pay homage to the "family farm" and wonder why they are going out of existence. Well, how about trying to make mortgage and car payments today with the salary you earned in the 70's...

Anonymous said...

Reading the tea leaves of suicide rates without controls for other observable factors is difficult.

There is a non-trivial body of evidence from the last 50 years, suicide rates are higher in rural areas.

The terribly high rate of suicide among farmers over the last 25 years cannot be attributed entirely to economic factors, as this period has seen booms and busts in land prices, commodity prices and livestock prices.

There are a number of triggers to suicides among farmers:

1. Farmers tend to be older
2. Most farmers own guns
3. Farming frequently leads to social isolation
4. Farmers often do not have access to the mental health resources that can identify suicidal tendencies.

The farming culture encourages you to suck it up, don't complain, don't bother other people with your problems, and tough it out.

Moreover, there is distinct seasonality in suicide rates among farmers, mostly the spring planting season and the fall harvest. Farming is a high-stress occupation; bad-weather can torpedo you despite your best efforts (unless you've forward-priced or used options to lock in a return).

My Dad used to worry so much about not being able to get in the fields to plant or combine he'd be up pacing in the kitchen at night and an otherwise good-natured man would be come extremely grouchy.

Some guys eat their guns because they made bad bets on land and livestock purchases. Other farmers grab the gun or rope because they've had heavy losses during a calving season or are losing hogs to a disease.

I believe that a careful analysis of suicides among farmers has to include a broader set of stressors/triggers, and it might be fashionable to lay this social problem on globalization, but such a conclusion would be erroneous.

I think it is moving that many of you feel so in touch with farmers' feelings; many have no appreciation of the challenges facing the small landholder to the large rancher.

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