Friday, March 09, 2007

Part II of The Next 100 Things You Can Do...

Is up over at Groovy Green:

Things are a little crazy here - trying to _A Nation of Farmers_ up and running and early chapters off to the publisher. So I doubt you'll get much new content from me until next week - of course, I didn't intend to write the last piece, so you never know.

It is starting a long, slow warm up - yay!! Spring is coming, and with it the garden. We've got kale growing now, and tatsoi and mizuna ready to pick in the house, but it will be lovely to touch dirt (the three feet of snow has been something of a barrier).

Much to do. Much to plant. Maybe I'll get a list of what I'm planting up soon.



RAS said...

You know that you've started too many seeds when a) you've got dirt permanently under your fingernails for the first time all year, b) you've had to buy more glue sticks to reseal seed packets with, c) you can't sit down in your office without moving seedling trays, d) you've literally run out of trays/plates/saucers/bowls/lids in which to start seeds, or e) all of the above.

I'm very close to e right now!
Hmm, I need to go see if any of my casserole dishes will make a good seed starter...

Anonymous said...

NO, don't. I'll trade those casserole dishes for some pre-used, but washed in 2% bleach soltuion seed starting trays.

Have you tried making mimi-pots out of newspaper? You just roll a bit around a form, shove in the ends, and off you go.


RAS said...

LOL. If I had more seed-starting trays, I wouldn't need to put the pots in the casserole dishes! ;-)

It's a good thing that I'm NOT married. I can hear the shouting now. "You did WHAT with the casserole dishes?!!"

jewishfarmer said...

Yeah, Eric is still mad about the rust on the roasting pan, used for precisely that purpose. But it is hardly the weirdest thing I've ever done ;-).

Anonymous said...


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