Friday, November 09, 2007

How To Eat Cheap

Well, we're effectively at 100 dollars a barrel (give or take) - I win my bet with my economist friend Steve with an easy 2 years, 1 month to spare (I was betting by 2010). This would be great news, except like everyone else I have to buy gas, so the $50 bet won't exactly offset a large investment.

And, like everyone else, I buy food too, something that is increasingly tough on the pocketbook. Food prices are up 30% overall, but some staples, like flour and milk have doubled or more in price. Now we store food in fairly large quantities, so we're still eating on older prices, but I'm in no way convinced that the crisis has occurred, so it isn't like we don't end up buying more.

Still, this does, at least to me, point out the importance of finding space for some food storage. I know those of you who live in apartments may not have a lot of additional room, I suspect the long term security and savings might be worth it - even if you have to take out your couch, put down 5 gallon buckets, cover them with couch pillows and a sheet, and make a food storage couch - I've sat on one, and it wasn't half bad. Because the truth is, there's only so much cutting back anyone can do on the budget - and emergencies happen to urban dwellers just like rural ones.

But the big issue is how do you cut back your food budget when things get tight? This may be obvious to a lot of people, but the truth is, there are millions of Americans who can't make the money meet the end of the month, and who don't know where their next meal is coming from. Of those millions, a majority are children and the elderly, two of the groups most vulnerable to even short periods of malnutrition. So making sure we can provide a healthy, balanced diet even when we're poor is an essential project. Not only that, but the diet need not be monotonous or flavorless, if you can afford even a few basic herbs and spices.

So what do you eat when you are poor? Well, your friends are going to be beans, lentils and grains. They are nutritious, tasty, simple, accessible and store well. If there's any way you can come up with the money, buy them in big bags in bulk - a minimum of 10lbs, 50 is better. Whole grains and dried beans store nearly forever (brown rice is an exception here - white stores better, but is less nutritious). You say you can't use 50lbs of beans? I bet you can - over 5 years. They will still be good, just need a bit longer to cook. You have to think ahead a bit here - remember, you'll need to soak the beans or throw them in the slow cooker or on the back of the stove the night before.

The obvious thing is beans and rice. Sweat an onion on the stove in a little oil, throw in a carrot if you've got one, some garlic. Add spices - cumin, coriander, bay and dried chilies are good, but is almost any combination. Add the beans and a little liquid - water, broth, flat beer if you've got it lying around. Cook any kind of beans for a short while, until you like the way they taste, add a little salt and eat them over rice.

But what about beans and pasta? Noodles are cheap, and while beans, red beans, kidney beans - all are terrific in vinagrette with noodles, and perhaps some vegetables or sprouts, garlic and thyme. Or what about a loaf of whole wheat bread with a bean salad - cabbage, various beans (multiple kinds are prettier), sprouts, sliced carrots in a dressing of oil and vinegar.

How about curried lentils? Cook the lentils till tender, and in another pan, sautee onions, ginger and garlic. Add curry powder and a splash of soy sauce. Serve with rice, or over chapatis, which are simple enough - mix 2 cups whole wheat flour, 1/2 cup of yogurt (if you have it - if not, just omit), some water, salt and a tablespoon of yeast together until they form a slightly wet dough. Knead briefly, set aside for 45 minutes, and then break off pieces, flatten them between your hands and cook them in a lightly oiled skillet until brown on each side. Or you can add a tablespoon of sugar to these, and serve them with jam or dip them in maple syrup.

Your other friends in fresh food department are root vegetables and cabbage. If you are shopping at the grocery store, these will be among the cheapest items available. If you can get to a farmer's market or farmstand, they will be even cheaper. Again, bulk is better - my local farmstand is selling cabbage 10 heads for 10 dollars - and these are large, heavy heads that will keep you fed for a while. Even a single apartment dweller might eat cabbage twice a day, raw in a salad, then sauteed with garlic and pepper. 3 heads will last two weeks sitting on the counter in a place with reasonably low heat. If you can afford your fridge, two more heads can be crammed in. The other five can be turned into sauerkraut or kimchi and will last even longer. 10 heads of cabbage could easily provide a large portion of your vegetable needs for 8 weeks or more for one person.

Potatoes, beets, turnips, parsnips, sweet potatoes, onions and carrots are generally fairly cheap at this time of year. Roasted vegetables make a superb cheap staple meal. Throw a collection of whatever roots chopped into bite sized pieces in a large roasting pan, add a bit of oil, herbs, any seasonings you like, and roast until the vegetables are carmelized and sweet. They make a great main course, a terrific side dish, a good salad mixed with sprouts, a nice sandwich between slices of bread or wrapped in a tortilla with a slice of cheese melted on them.

Squash are also often available reasonably priced, and have the advantage of requiring minimal preparation. Most can be baked in the oven until soft, with oil or butter, a few spices, and then spread upon bread. Or puree them and turn them into soup. Sautee a little onion and garlic in a touch of oil, add some curry powder or lemon pepper, as you like, add water or broth, to your taste, and the insides of a baked squash you've mashed up with a fork. Whisk until smooth.

Bean soup may be the platonic food for poor people - delicious, rich, hearty. Chop up onions, potatoes, garlic, carrots and parsnips, and sautee until just tender. Add beans - lima, white, fava, black, adzuki - you name it, and liquid. Cook until the beans are tender and the starch in the potatoes has partly dissolved. Season with tons of herbs, a little wine, maybe soy sauce. If you'd like a one dish meal, throw in some pearl barley, or rice towards the end. Or bake bread, make chapatis, make cornbread or tortillas.

What about meat? Frankly, I don't recommend buying any kind of meat that is cheap - it is almost certainly industrial meat and not good for you or your body. But if you are accustomed to meat, one option is to learn to hunt. Venison, rabbit and wild turkey are great, healthy meats.

You might buy very small quantities of healthy meats and stretch them - for those whose growing season is still going, my favorite ground meat stretcher is grated zucchini - you can use it 50-50 with ground beef or turkey. Or simply use the meat as a flavoring, they many cultures do. A small bit of chicken in a stir-fry can transform it to a heartier seeming meal. A delicious chili can be made with a half pound of beef for a large pot, a wonderful sausage soup made with cabbage, carrots, onions and a half pound of intensely flavored sausage.

Or consider talking to your local pastured poultry producer about buying the parts they often can't sell. Chicken feet make terrific soup stock, and are a delicacy in some cultures. Livers are rich in vitamin C and Iron, and absolutely wonderful tasting. Bones are often discarded by butchers of livestock, and can make wonderful, meaty tasting broth. But remember, meat is not necessary to good health, and if you are poor, you probably won't be eating a lot of it. That's ok - it isn't necessary to make food taste good, either.

Vegans can do fine as long as they can afford supplemental multivitamins, but these are expensive. Small quantities of animal products - an occasional bit of cheese or meat broth - are probably cheaper in the end if you are in a truly dire situation.

Use up every scrap of your food. Leftover garlic bread? Tomorrow's salad croutons. Stale bread? Bread pudding - mix milk or soy milk with an egg and a tablespoon of soy flour (a cheap way to replace eggs) or two eggs, add honey, sugar or maple syrup, vanilla, cinnamon and pour it over stale bread, and bake. Or better yet, add some bananas gone black - either the ones you shoved in the freezer or some on the day-old table at the grocers for 10 cents lb.

Did you peel the broccoli stems and cook them? There's another meal there. Don't forget sprouts - sprouting seeds bought in bulk are cheap and can cover much of your nutritional needs. What about vitamin C? Rose hips bought in bulk are cheap, but your cabbage will take care of that too.

Eggshells can be baked in the oven, ground up and added to flour for additional calcium. Forage for greens from your lawn or the area around you. Eat them fresh, but hang some up to dry and then add them to your flour as well. Try using half as much tea and coffee as usual, if you are still drinking them. Cut back on sugar, salt and fat as well - after a short while, you'll get used to it.

What's for breakfast? Oatmeal. Or if you don't like oatmeal, apples are cheap now in many places, and you can make applesauce easily enough. Then warm it up on the stove, and mix in raw oats - add a little more cinnamon - yum! Or how about rice pudding, if you have milk or soy milk. Or what about cornmeal mush/polenta - add cornmeal gradually to a couple of cups of boiling water, until it makes a thick porridge, and eat it with sweetner.

Consider accepting dinner invitations or attending events with free food. You might dumpster dive (google "freegans") or consider just asking politely of your co-workers as they toss half their meal "can I have the other half of that sandwich?" It takes courage - our society looks down on the poor so much that advertising your need seems shameful, but it isn't - the truth is that much of the growing poverty has little to do with the choices of ordinary people.

If things get really desperate, there are further options. First of all, consider applying for any poverty support programs you are eligible for - I know a lot of people resist accepting charity, and that's wise - but don't be foolish, and risk your health or your kids. If you are eligible for food stamps, WIC or or some other program, apply. Or consider visiting your food pantry when you need to. Healthy adults may be able to go to bed hungry once in a while - children should not as long as there are better options. And there still are. Talk to people at your synagogue, mosque, church or temple, or at your community center if you are hungry - they may know about resources or be able to offer help. The simple truth is that the times we are coming into may bring many people to desperation through no fault of their own - don't let shame prevent you from eating.



kathirynne said...


Do you think that a rationing scheme (similar to those employed during World War 2) will be instated to deal with the food issues?

Unknown said...

Thank you for such a well written post with so many tips and advice. Clearly, you've given this a lot of thought. I wish more government sponsored programs offered such thorough information with this compassionate tone.

Anonymous said...

Not Sharon (not by about 2' lol), but I think there will be a general feeling at the gov't level that people won't accept rationing. However, it was sold in the UK in WWII as making sure that you got your fair share, so perhaps it has a chance.


Anonymous said...

Organic, non-local plant based food is especially getting expensive. However, free range (non-factory farmed) meats have gotten even more expensive. Factory farmed animals/flesh is getting expensive as well. They consume 70 to 90% of U.S. grain and soy crops (See: John Robbins' "Diet for a New America").

My family (husband and two sons) have eaten a 100% organic plant-based diet (vegan) -- consisting of beans, whole grains, fruit, vegetables and nuts -- for the last 12 years.

We embraced veganism for health reasons, however, we've evolved into ethical vegetarians. A plant-based diet is excellent for the immune system. We attribute our good health to our vegan diet. My 18 year old son has never used pharmaceutical antibiotics. We use herbs when we're sick, not often.

We do take a "natural" iron-free multivitamin (much cheaper than consuming flesh) which I purchase at a discount vitamin store. We've never had deficiencies of anything. At 56, I have an annual physical exam which includes blood work. Results are excellent. Our body mass index range is between 19 and 21. Mine is 19.

People who eat a plant-based diet do need to supplement vitamin B12 which is included in any multivitamin or can be purchased by itself. We eat walnuts and add flax seeds (I grind) to our morning oatmeal or raw oats for their omega 3s fatty acid content.

Here are some websites where you can obtain info on eating plant-based:


~Vegan/Leaving So. FL

jewishfarmer said...

Hi Kathirynne - MEA (who is a bit shorter than me ;-) is generally right - I think eventually we may see national rationing, but not in the short term. After all, we have rationing - by price ;-P, and we shame the poor into thinking it is all their fault so thoroughly that it requires that we really change our thinking to believe that any of us could go hungry.

Vegan, thanks for the information. I do think, on a quick comparison of the cost of low price sustainably raised meat cuts and the cost of multivitamins, that eating the occasional with meat broth from bones or feet is actually considerably cheaper than bulk vitamins (again, this may not be true for everyone), as may be raising such meat yourself or sustainable hunting.

And I don't honestly think that occasionally adding small quantities of animal products to a largely vegan healthy diet does any serious harm. That's not to say, either that people *should* eat animal products, nor is it in any way a critique of veganism, which I think is a good and honorable choice. I wish my BMI was as good as yours ;-).


Anonymous said...

Just a quick recipe for dry, days-old bread: loosely cut it into bits, put in a pan, cover with water and add a bit of olive oil and chopped garlic. Cook it in low heat until it all becomes mushy. Taste and add more olive oil/garlic/pepper if desired.
You can also mix a raw egg per person if desired.
It's called açorda, it's a typical southern Portugal main course and I'm sure there are other variations around the Mediterranean (with tomatos, for example). You can also have it as side dish for grilled fish or meat.

Marta from Lisbon

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this great article. I've been reading you for awhile, by way of Pat Meadows. Since I'm in my 60's and handicapped, it is really hard for me to cut back more, but articles like this really help. Since I live in an old mobile home with fuel heat, there is no way I can do the 90%, but I'm doing well in little steps and in teaching the grandsons.

Anonymous said...

Great article indeed.


olympia said...

Great post, Sharon- a lot of useful information.

I feel compelled to offer my own advice. For vegans, or anyone else, nutritional yeast is a powerhouse. Lots of protein and b vitamins, including B-12 if you get the fortified version. It's inexpensive considering the amount of nutrition you get, and it will jazz up any number of foods.

Lee said...

Over here in Australia, we're watching what is pretty much now agreed to be (among my less than mainstream friends) the decline of the US empire. I feel sad, because I have so many friends who are caught up in it, but I also look at it pragmatically - every other society that has dominated the world has seem decline, and the US is just the latest in a long line that stretches through history. Personally, I'm in no doubt that the next 2-3 years will see complete US financial collapse, and societal disruption in that country on every level.

How it will impact on the rest of the world is less certain. The US is one of Australia's major trading partners. While we're not dependent on the US for anything in particular, a lot of multinationals are based in the US, and that will have repercussions here. A lot of major pharmaceutical companies are also US-based, although they have been moving their headquarters and finances offshore for the last decade or more, in most cases.

Another aspect is how US decline will affect the military status of the world. The US Government hs squandered your countrys wealth very effectively for several decades by being the world's 'policemen', with outposts and military action in dozens of countries for a variety of 'reasons', most of which are dubious at best.

What angers me most about the situation is that, as usual, it will be ordinary US citizens who suffer most. And they are not to blame, apart from, perhaps, a lack of activism or choosing to vote for the wrong guy every four years. What it shows is how damaging apathy can be. Because all that wealth that has been wasted could have done so much for education, for health, and for general welfare, and has done nothing except widen the gap between those who have in your country, and those who do not.

I also feel sad, because I see my own country going exactly the same way. Australia's agricultural sector is on the verge of collapse through ecological mismanagement, and we are putting all our financial future in the current mining boom, which is neither sustainable or environmentally or ethically sound. I wish we could learn from you, and I wish you could have learned from countries before you, and I wonder why so many of us struggle to pay attention to the lessons that history has so readily available for us all.

So when I read your blog, and I see and hear what you write both on and between the lines, all I can say is that I wish with all my heart that it hadn't come to this point, and I wish that we in Australia won't follow in America's decline, although it is all but certain that we will.

But despite all this doom and gloom, there is still hope. Because there are people who refuse to give in and quit, and who are still, regardless of everything, striving to make a better world from the ashes of the old one. It pays to remember that ashes can make good fertiliser in which to grow new life :-)

I don't think people will choose to accet rationing in the US - I think they will have no choice. I just hope that trasition to a post-oil world will happen as peacefully as possible, although the history of the current US Administration seems to indicate that the immediate future will be otherwise.

Good luck, and my thoughts are with you in these hard times. Although it can feel like America is the whole world when you're there, it isn't. The rest of the world is watching the storm you're going through, and there will be a calm after the storm.


Unknown said...

It astonishes people to hear that I was on WIC.

But 20 years ago, despite my son's father working 50+ hour weeks, we earned little enough to qualify. It was a blow to our pride, but I'd already lost one pregnancy and wasn't going to risk another by not taking advantage of a program our taxes had funded. We were on it for 3 more years.

Data point for you: our local dairy has cut deliveries in our area from two days per week to one, and raised the price of milk products. They were quite honest about why: the rise in fuel prices.

Leila Abu-Saba said...

I've been keeping a recipe archive on my blog for some time now, and it includes my basic lentil soup, Claudia Roden's Egyptian red lentil soup, and mjaddarah, which is lentils and rice with caramelized onions.

This post reminds me to put up a new variation on my basic lentil soup that mixes brown lentils and red lentils together. Vinegar or lemon juice, cumin and turmeric to flavor. No greens added. The kids demolished it. They like it best of all my lentil soups, perhaps because the red lentils melt and give the broth body.

Koshary, an Egyptian street food combining lentils, rice, hot sauce, pasta, caramelized onions and maybe some bits of ground meat (beef or lamb) is another grains-and-beans combo that people love. It takes a bit of fussing but if you have leftover pasta and/or rice, it's much less work.

I don't know if you believe in canned tomatoes but these would be appropriate for the hot sauce. You need hot sauce for koshary.

Anonymous said...

love your blog. i'm in the process of building a stock of food, and changing what i eat, all at the same time, which makes life interesting.

you mention puree-ing squash. do you use a food-mill? a potatoe masher? a cuisinart/food processor/blender? and do you grind grain, or buy flour?

any other simple tools you'd recommend for the types of recipes you make? In world obsessed with new kitchen gadgets, I and probably others would appreciate your thoughts on simple multi-purpose kitchen tools, outside basic pots & knives and such.


Anonymous said...

I'd be interested in any ideas about storage for countries that don't grow beans and rice. In NZ we grow wheat, oats, and barley I think, but all rice and I think all beans are imported. We do grow broad beans but you hardly ever seem them dried.

I can buy bulk beans and rice, but it's all got lots of food miles on it. Plus it's getting difficult to buy beans that haven't been heat treated by MAF on entry into the country and which subsequently don't cook properly (they stay hard).

Leila Abu-Saba said...

Re: simple kitchen tools - look up Laurie Colwin's book Home Cooking (first volume I believe) - widely available in libraries and 2d hand. She wrote an article in about 1988 or so for a NY paper called the Frugal Person's Batterie de Cuisine; in it she talks about kitchen tools you really need, tools you don't need, and where to buy the good stuff. She likes hardware stores and tag sales.

Re: food processor - uses electricity and is expensive. For pureeing veg you might want one of those food mill thingies - what are they called? I have one, stainless steel, with three sieve inserts, each one with holes smaller than the next. It has a clever handle like a wind-up toy, attached to a blade, and you put in soup veggies or plain cooked veg (squash, pumpkin, tomatoes) and turn the handle. Out comes puree from the bottom in little worm-like protrusions.

New these cost around $30 I *think*. If you are an eagle-eyed shopper you may find one at a thrift store or possibly a flea market. I notice good kitchen items don't turn up much at garage sales anymore. People sell drecky coffee makers, rice cookers, crock pots and toaster ovens.

Also there's a fad for vintage cast iron so the antiques dealers snap them all up, along with other cool vintage tools. But good luck.

Anonymous said...

@ sgl: you probably've got a food mill (passe vite or moulin legume) already, but for those who haven't got one: handy is a eufemism for this tool. (It looks like this:

Anonymous said...

Great post. I'm a little teary eyed as I type this--you would have thought some of your other posts, such as fear, environmental reports, etc. would have brought on this kind of emotion--but it's the words "children" and "hungry" in the same sentence that really do it to me.

WWII did not bring my maternal grandparents out of their depression induced financial hardship. In the early forties, my grandmother got a job sweeping up at a popcorn factory. She would stuff her pockets with popcorn, glad to know that my mom and her brothers would have something to eat that night. This is not a romanticized story in our family; my mom retells with fear in her eyes. Mom also, to this day, avoids eating rice and beans. You can imagine why. But my mom is healthy. My grandmother knew how to make those beans stretch, and my grandfather was the master of all root vegetables.

I was thinking about this as I read your post, so full of practical information, but still information that was passed along as common knowledge through generations of poor people, up until recent history. Now it seems the diet of the poverty stricken consists of McDs, KFC, and White Castle. I know because I work with a number people who could be classified as "urban poor", and most have the McDonald's Dollar Menu committed to memory. I'll pass along your blog info to all I can, because it's so helpful, but also because it's one of the few places to come for this kind of information. Hopefully, as our situation in this country deteriorates (and even to people who resist this idea the decline is now apparent), we'll see more sharing, more community, more avenues to change. Thanks, Sharon.


Unknown said...

sgl, for reviews of kitchen equipment much like those of Consumer Reports, you might see if your library carries Cooks Illustrated. They're big believers in the philosophy of "buying it once".

feonixrift said...

Sharon, you just created a new diet for me. Seriously. I've been working on my "eating a reasonable amount at all" project, and getting stuck, because all the sources I looked to were obsessed with grains - many of which I can't eat. Yet here it is, you've laid it out. Rice and beans and roots and veggies and the occasional roasted chicken with bones for making soup? I can do this. I'm feeling hopeful about cooking and diet like I haven't before, and you've helped with that. I feel like I can really do this.

Anonymous said...

If you have refrigeration (or at least a nook that'll keep things at a safe temperature for a few days), making large quantities of plain beans and grains helps a lot when you feel too tired/busy to cook. Making beans and rice from scratch takes a long time, even if most of it doesn't require attention, but throwing together the beans and brown rice you made on the weekend with some broth and herbs and a carrot takes about 20 minutes -- 10 without the carrot.

Speaking of WWII rationing, there are some good historical cookbooks out there from that era with ideas on how to stretch rationed items like meat and butter. A lot of them sound to me like more work than just making a good lentil soup, but they might be useful for more carnivorously-inclined folk.

I was on WIC when I was little. I've been trying to get tips from my parents on what we did then, because I didn't realize until much, much later that we were actually very poor. I was perfectly happy with bean soup and random veggie casserole, and having molecular ball-and-stick models to play with instead of tinker toys (my dad was finishing up a doctorate in pharmacology). I didn't feel deprived.

Anonymous said...

Interesting. Thanks, Sharon. I just stocked up at the last farmer's market of the year--I'm storing nothing compared to what you would, but am learning how to plan. And I really want to eat local in the winter if possible (I anticipate giving up on that fairly soon, because the local co-op is organic but not local). I feel like my thinking about food has changed almost 180 degrees in the last 6 months. Now my behavior has to catch up.

Anonymous said...

When we were on WIC one of our favorite meals was to throw whatever we had into a rice cooker, add a bunch of indian spices and call it a curry. Somehow chana dhal curry over rice, just didn't code the same in our minds as red-beans and rice. Especially if you could put a few other things in it, some potatoes, a little spinach, it just didn't code as beans and rice. I think half the battle is finding ways to make the dishes feel different from each other, when they are similar underneath, and ways to salve pride. One of the great advantages of the grad student housing accross the way, was to learn the poor food traditions of many cultures.
-Brian M.

Panidaho said...

Don't forget the humble and versatile soybean, if you can find them locally or grow them. Make soymilk, tofu, and tempeh. All offer a lot of top quality nutrition for little cash, although you will have to purchase a tempeh culture starter for the tempeh. But it's pretty cheap, and you can use leftover from the previous batch to start new batches and in that way extend your store bought stuff.

Anonymous said...

There's nothing tastier and more satisfying to me than a big bowl of beans (soaked overnight and prepared from scratch, with all kinds of veggies, spices and herbs) and brown rice with fresh ginger to accompany it. My favorite beans lately are pinto beans cooked with potatoes, carrots, green peppers, celery, fresh onions and garlic, crushed tomatoes, bay leaves, lots of cumin and chili powder.

Enjoy ...

~Vegan/Leaving So.FL

MacLaren said...

Thank you for the excellent blog. My wife and I have been simplifying our lives and preparing a lot of food from scratch. It's amazing how well you can eat without breaking the bank. Your info was very helpful.

And by the way, good call on oil. I was expecting $100 by the end of the year... and we made it. Anything with objective value (gold, oil... and of course, food) is sure to fall against the rapidly inflating dollar. Paper currencies never last.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for taking the time to write such a thoughtful, touching, and useful article.

Anonymous said...

The best of all cheap meals is the southern classic, Hoppin John, which is black-eye peas on rice. Top with chopped onion, or with cold salsa. This is also a complete protein. Red beans and rice with a little sausage is also cheap and good.
If you don't want to stockpile dried beans,though, the quickest and easiest way to cut costs is to switch to store brands and stop paying for name brand advertising. This will automatically save you up to 18 percent and there is little or no difference in quality.
Also leave green salads with all the different greens and garnishes and croutons for restaurant eating, and stick to simple green and yellow veggies at home.
Saltines can be bought for around $1 a box is you get the store brands. This is cheaper than bread and they are geat with sharp cheese and an apple.

Anonymous said...

I love my pressure cooker for all these meals -- faster and uses *less fuel*. The new Swiss ones are less scary than the old rattle-top ones.

Onepony2002 said...

Slow-cooker (crockpot) is cheap to run = 2 cents and hour. Great blog: A Year of Crockpotting at

Scroll down to Oct 18 for all about beans.

Anonymous said...






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