Thursday, October 18, 2007

Ok, No More Posts, But...

I really am not going to post again for two weeks - until November 1. But I can't leave the blog on the previous two posts - too freakin' depressing to come home to, if nothing else.

So, in the interest in departing in a better mood, I leave you with 10 things to be happy about.

1. Raindrops on roses and whiskers on...fuck that. I am happy that I live in a Sound of Music free zone.

2. We have to have achieved "peak stupid" right now, so it is all downhill from here. Right?

3. Pie. Banana Cream. Peach. Apple-Cranberry. Pear-Ginger. Strawberry. Pumpkin...

4. Chippy the Wonder Chipmunk and My lord Vader only have a year left to go until the mercy of term limits ends their Evil Reign of Terror.

5. We are no where near peak sheep. In fact, we need to make maximum use of marginal land for grazing. Which means lots and lots of sock yarn, beyond my dreams of wooly avarice.

6. The food is better when you live sustainably. The sex is better when you live sustainably. The two can be integrated in fascinating ways.

7. My faux-artsy photo series "1000 Decaying Hummers with Nudes" becomes easier to photograph as the price of oil rises.

8. My property contains enough burdock root and burdock burrs to feed approximately half the human population while continually reseeding. This used to be a design flaw. Now it is a feature.

9. If society collapses rapidly enough, I may never have to break out my "why you may not have a playstation" speech.

10. My life is better, richer, happier, more loving, more joyous, healthier since I took up this way of life. If I can just convince 2 billion more people of this basic truth, we're all set. I'm on it ;-).

Ok, off for real now.



Anonymous said...

Sharon, the best indicator of future behavior is past behavior.

Now get some sleep.



Anonymous said...

I love it! (esp. #8, for some reason...)

Thanks, Sharon, and enjoy your blog-free time :-)

Susan in Ontario

Theresa said...

Rest, Relax, Rejuvinate.

Anonymous said...

Oh man, you can't diss _The Sound of Music_ and expect the world to be a better place in the same breath! ;-)

I guess you really haven't *experienced* the SoM until you've gone to the sing-along version at the Castro Theater in San Francisco, though. Oh my!

Chile said...

Face it, Sharon, you're a blog addict.

My responses:
1. I would be happy to live in a rap-free zone.

2. Never underestimate the growth potential of stupidity.

3. As long as someone else bakes it, I'll eat it!

4. See #2 but substitute "evilosity" for stupidity. Yes, it's a word I made up. Deal with it.

5. I'm allergic to wool. Bah humbug.

6. So, you're growing cacao?

7. What do you have against hummingbirds?!

8. Sounds yummy.

9. Um, "because I said so"...

10. What, you're trying to make everyone into blog addicts? ;-)

deliberately said...

Sharon - even when you're happy the sarcasm sneaks through! Enjoy the "blog-a-tion" or some-such -- we'll miss you but it's well deserved.

Anonymous said...

Ms. Sharon, while you're relaxing, read up on burdock over at the Wise Woman Forum and you will see how fortunate you are! I haven't grown burdock here successfully yet because the voles love them; I call it "The Revenge of Timmy Willy"...

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