Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Knitting for the Apocalypse

The title here is somewhat tongue in cheek, of course, but I do think that we knitters and crocheters, spinners and weavers have something useful to contribute to a lower-impact future - warm fingers and toes, homemade reusable cloth bags, beautiful clothing - all made from local or recycled or otherwise sustainable materials. So I thought a discussion of how to knit (and all the other useful fiber arts) sustainably was in order. I want to hear what other people are doing.

If you don't knit, and you read this for advice about how to address peak oil and climate change, you may be thinking "couldn't she have picked something even more boring to write about?" But here's one of the details the apocalyptic websites rarely include - disasters are actually really boring. During the instant that bad things are happening there's likely to be all sorts of excitement, screaming and running about, but in the aftermath of a disaster, particularly the sort that are likely in a slow, grinding loss of stability and wealth like the one we're facing, there's an awful lot of time spent standing around. Unemployment comes. You don't have a car any more and can't go out to the movies or to get a beer. No more recreational shopping. You turn the lights way down to save money at night, so you can't read. Your sister in law and her three kids moved in and there's nowhere to go to escape. What do you do? That's the beauty of fiber arts. They are portable, cheap (or they can be - you can blow a lot of money if you want), and accessible. They provide something to do with your hands in a dark place, or a light one, it can be complex or relaxing. Whittling and other small woodworking projects work too, but fiber arts have the advantage of using only minimally pointy things, and being permissable in places like court and planes where knives get you in trouble. Seriously, this is the way the world ends - not with a bang but with a "Mooooommm...I'm bored!" Might as well have something useful to do with your hands.

First let's talk books and patterns. I have my favorites, of course, and lots of them are just filled with pretty things. And you really could get pretty well along with a few downloaded patterns from the internet But if I had to narrow it down, I'd probably include in my knitting library the following books:

1. A sock book. Ok, you don't need a sock book. One book, with one basic sock pattern will get you through your whole life. On the other hand, socks wear out fast, and you are likely to have to knit a lot of them. It will be much less boring if you have a few different patterns, and also faster if you have a variety of options for different yarn weights. You could really have almost any such book, but one of my favorite basic books is Knit Socks!. I like it because it includes a wide variety of patterns, very clear, very basic descriptions and a wide variety of yarn weights. I also love Nancy Bush's _Folk Socks_. If you don't like double pointed needles, Cat Bourdieu's _Socks Soar on Two Circular Needles_ is way better than its stupid title, and the patterns are quite nice.

2. A mitten/glove book. If you live in a cold climate (and why would you knit mittens if you didn't), Robin Hansen's classic _Fox and Geese and Fences_ has recently been reissued, I'm told. This is, IMHO, the best mitten book for *practical,* *warm* mittens in the world. If it will keep a Maine fisherman warm while hauling lines, it will keep your fingers warm. You can still find used copies around as well - mine is starting to fall apart from too much love.

3. Or, if you wanted one book to cover all the little objects, including socks, mittens and gloves, I'd go with _Homespun, Handknit_ by Linda Ligon. This is a useful book for those making their own, but also has some lovely and practical patterns, some that are intriguing and challenging, and enough basics to keep even new knitters busy.

4. Now you absolutely don't need any books at all to make scarves, baby blankets, afghans, washcloths, towels, etc... except a knitting stitch pattern book (actually, you don't need even that, but you might go mad with boredom making 100 stockinette washcloths). You can make 'em up on your own - they are flat rectangles, afterall. I wish I owned Barbara Walker's multiple knitting stitch treasuries, but instead I have the decent _Big Book of Knitting Stitch Patterns_. Since you absolutely, positively do not need such a book, I'm being selfish in recommending Kay Gardiner and Ann Shayne's _Mason Dixon Knitting_, which has a lot of patterns for cool things you can do with rectangles - felted boxes, washrags, towels, afghans. The thing is, the stuff is so cool and the book is so much fun that I'm recommending it anyway. Need is subjective here.

5. If you live somewhere cold, you need a sweater book. My favorite, because of its overwhelming applicability, is Priscilla Gibson-Robson and Deborah Robson's _Knitting in the Old Way_, which shows you how to adapt almost any sweater structure to any size or shape, using any yarn or needles. I also like _The Wonderful Wallaby_ a pattern booklet from Cottage Creations. Wallaby sweaters are just about the coziest, cutest hooded sweaters on the planet. I've seen a number of them, know many people who knit them, have one on needles (for one of my sons) and am going to have to knit one for myself. It is, as the above, infinitely adaptable, and practical.

6. If you are going to knit for babies, I think it is helpful to have one book of ideas for doing so. I like Melanie Falick and Kristin Nicholas's _Knitting for Baby_ quite a bit, but almost anything will do. The idea is "cute ideas" to keep you entertained. The other plus of this book is that it has a giant felted tote bag pattern designed to be a diaper bag, but also useful for shopping. I can't really justify suggesting it, but there's also a geat _Farmer's Market Tote_ pattern in Falick's _Weekend Knitting_ that I've made twice now. But you don't need that book. Or any of these books. What I want them for is inspiration - of course I can knit a rectangle, but sometimes I like to see how things look.

Now what if you don't spin, or knit, or crochet or weave? How do you learn? My first choice would be from a person - find a neighbor, a friend or a family member and ask them. Or call up a senior center and ask if anyone there could teach knitting or crocheting. Or join a local stitch and bitch group and ask for help. But what if that isn't possible?

Honestly, I think the next best option is to use the internet, and some of the excellent video and image options out there. Unfortunately, I can't link you to any, because I have achingly slow dialup, and don't watch them myself. Do some searching, and maybe some folks who read this will have some suggestions. But these are all things best taught visually.

Last would be books - the books are sometimes useful as a reference point anyway, but I don't think learning these things from books is easy. But if you are trying to figure this stuff out from descriptions, the best ones are books and directions written for children. For example, Melanie Falick's _Kids Knitting_ and the other books in the series _Kids Crochet_ and _Kids Weaving_ are all terrific - very clear, good pictures, with instructions for making low cost materials like homemade needles and a pvc loom.

Homemade tools are great - dowels make simple knitting needles, and my homemade spindle works as well as the much fancier versions I've tried out. I've not made a loom of any sort yet, although I'd like to, so I can't discuss the merits thereof. There are also a ton of used tools out there - from cheap auctions of used knitting needles and crochet hooks to various source of pricier tools like looms and spinning wheels.

A spinning wheel is not a project for anyone but the most ambitious home woodworker, though. My personal preference (and others may have other ideas on this subject and be more right than I), if you are buying a non-local spinning wheel (in my case, non-local means "old or used," since I don't know of anyone manufacturing wheels here), I like Kromski, because all the pieces are metal or wooden. That means if it breaks, it is likely I'll be able to fix it.

One thing we might want to consider is going back to the walking wheel in some cases. While I doubt that we'll ever entirely lose the industrial manufacture of cloth, it may be that local and artisanal yarns and clothing come back into fashion, and my own observation and discussion with historical reenactors is that the walking wheel is both quicker than the seated wheel once you are skilled, and also in some ways easier on your body, since you are not sitting all day. There's a 19th century original in good condition at an antique store near me that I can't possibly afford, but I visit it and pine occasionally. There's also the charka, which has its merits for spinning cotton, one of them being its potential cheapness and reproduceability.

Ok, now yarn, fleece, etc.... Stocking up for the end of the world? Planning to keep a supply coming through all sorts of hard times? My first choice would be to explore your local fleece options. Some of my favorite yarn every comes from my friend Amy at Stone Fence Farm, who had some beautiful natural colored grey yarn spun up. I made mittens for every male I knew from them, and I've got to see if she's got any left in her stash. She lives about 10 miles from me, so this is really and truly local yarn. There's a woman nearby who dyes her own using mill ends from a spinnery an hour away. There are plenty of local shepherds around, and I'm fantasizing about my own stash of Romney or Icelandic fleece, from my own pastures.

Another option - buy old sweaters and unravel and reuse them. Our local goodwill will sell woolen sweaters quite cheaply. I've done this once so far, but the yarn I got was lovely once it was soaked and hung up to dry for a bit - just like new.

There are yarns out there that serve good causes - yarn is one of those light, dry things that isn't too awful to ship around the world, and some of the coops make a real difference in poor places. I'm fond of Malabrigo www.handpaintedyarn.com, Manos del Uruguay (which wears like Iron) and Peacefleece. I also like MangoMoon's recycled sari yarn, although it is too pricey for me to do much with. There are probably other good sources as well, as well as sources of organically raised yarn. I'm not familiar enough with all that's out there to provide a complete sourcing, and I knit mostly with wool, so I honestly don't know what is out there in terms of organic, sustainably grown cotton, politically correct alpaca, hemp, bamboo or soy. Someone else may have good advice - I know someone recently included in the comments that she was looking into making bamboo fiber - perhaps we'll get to hear more about that.

Someone once suggested that the day will come, and not too long out, when we'll carefully treasure our acrylic and polyester yarns, because they will be rare and valuable materials. Right now we're not there yet - there are good acrylics out there, but they aren't cheaper than most natural materials, and IMHO, their utility is pretty limited. They won't keep you as warm as wool, or as cool as cotton, linen or hemp. Their major advantage is that they go through the dryer - which we shouldn't be using anyway. Still, when I see sacks of the nicer cheap acrylics at yardsales, I occasionally buy them and donate them to various knitting charities. I also keep a few skeins around for teaching people to knit.

Even better than stocking up may be to make your own. Even apartment dwellers can keep an angora bunny or two (which will become many if you aren't careful), or a dog with spinnable fur. Those of us with more land can choose from a dazzling array of sheep, camelids, goats and other critters to supply us with fleece. My personal interest is in animals that need are adapted to cold, wet climates like mine, and that are adapted for thriftiness. The Icelandic sheep I've seen fit the bill, although I may end up with Romneys simply because they also suit my region and are vastly less expensive.

Seriously, folks the apocalypse, such as it will be (and I don't really believe in apocalyptic scenarios of any sort) will be boring. Bring something to do. Bring your knitting.



Peggy said...

I work in cotton, because I can grow it. But I’ve read that the cotton plant won’t set seed north of the 40th parallel (something to do with the shortness of the growing season). I live in Texas and right now I’m finishing plying some cotton yarn I spun on an Ashford traditional wheel. I plan to make socks with it. I figure that since I wear socks every day, the least I can do is knit a pair.

If you want to spin cotton, the most important thing for beginners to know is that you must spin the wheel (or spindle) counterclockwise. Cotton does not want to draft if you try to spin it clockwise. I learned this the hard way.

I boil the skeins of cotton yarn in water to which I’ve added a tablespoon or two of rice flour, for sizing. If you size them, you can use singles as warp.

I like the charka for spinning cotton, too. It’s a cheap wheel, but a bit fiddly. The only drawback to the charka is that some people (myself included) have a hard time sitting on the floor in the position required. My favorite DVD for cotton spinning is Eileen Hallman’s “Spinning Cotton on the Charka.”

Leila said...

I taught myself to knit as a child and got to where I was making cables with a bobby pin. I mostly made doll blankets, then gave up. I don't have much interest in taking this up again... but if my life changed, maybe.

However I did used to sew rather well, even made up my own patterns and had some books on drafting. My "hand" for this is quite out of shape but come the Big Emergency, I would be able to make clothing, pillows and other household textiles. What I really want is a pedal sewing machine like my Lebanese grandmother had. There is a carbon neutral piece of technology - and it was beautiful, too.

Stone Fence Farm said...

Hey, I made Sharon's blog!

Seriously, I still have lots of that yarn. I'm going to sell some of it when I finally open my farmstand or sell at farmer's market. Since that time is a ways off, I'll probably never run out.

I've got to work on my knitting skills and it's time to get out the old spinning wheel and work on that.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the book recommendations, Sharon--I just added many of them to my amazon wish list, and it is fairly certain that I will see some of them as birthday and Christmas gifts....

I also *just* got a used Kromski Symphony off ebay, and am excited to put it together and give it a try with my little Angora bun's wool. :o) Funny you mention dogs' "wool", too--I taught myself to spin using my Husky's hair on a drop spindle. Aside from the staple being a bit short (about 2.5"), it was easy and fun. Also free and abundant!! I still don't know what to make out of slightly scratchy, slightly doggy smelling yarn (I did give her a bath before the harvest), but if anyone has any suggestions, let me know!


Anonymous said...

For left-handed knitters

I'm not a lefty, but I've heard knitting resources for left-handers can be hard to come by and trying to knit like a right-hander, frustrating. Thought some might be interested in this site:

Amelia said...

When we bought our house, the front garden was a mass of weeds; as local ordinances won't let us grow food out there (yes, we're working on changing it, but as we're right on one of the busiest streets in town I don't think I'd like car exhaust in my tomatoes!), I put in dye plants and flax. A lot of people up in Morgan Valley keep sheep, for the wool and the meat, and there are a few up in the mountains trying to recreate nettle cloth.

My favorite trousers are a pair of button-fly hemp/cotton blend from Patagonia: if they ever wear out, I'm taking them apart to draft a pattern from them.

Anonymous said...

http://www.knittinghelp.com has great videos that show different techniques... I've learned quite a few tricks from watching their videos. It also shows the difference between continental and English knitting (how you hold the yarn). I'm not sure if it has left-handed videos or not. But it's a great resource!

Anonymous said...

I started knitting from books just last week for the purpose of gaining as many practical skills as I can. I knitted my daughter a long scarf just to practice the knit stitch- but I have a question so basic that none of the library books have answered it:

So I follow directions for the stitch and then the books always say to complete the row. So what do I do then? So far I've just moved the needle with stitches back into my left hand and begun a new row, but I have the feeling that may not be correct. What do you do between rows?

Thanks to the kind soul who takes the time to answer this.

Anonymous said...

Kromski also, at least when I bought from them, ships in nice eco-friendly wadded up newspapers. Wadded up *Polish* newspapers, which I found possibly more entertaining than was really reasonable ;-)

jewishfarmer said...

Anonymous, you've got it just right - you just start another row just as before. You are quicker than I was!


Anonymous said...

Thanks Sharon!

I was simply delighted to find your article on knitting as a useful post-peak craft. My goal is to work up to socks, but first I have this terrible case of what I'm calling "knitting wrist"...

Anonymous- aka Kate in CO

kate said...

I have a mental block on learning to knit socks because the woolen socks I buy wear out so fast (and they're usually 10% synthetic). How long do you expect hand knitted ones to last? Once you get good at knitting them, does the ratio of work put in vs how long they last get better?

Heather G said...

Thanks for the book reccs, Sharon. I'm an indifferent knitter, but Lyle's pretty good at it. Spinning and weaving are more my thing.

Thanks to Peggy for the comment on spinning cotton -- I just picked some up last week to try out. Bamboo is fun to spin with -- like silk without the killing anything (bamboo re-grows from the base very quickly). Hm, I'll have to look it up, but I think flax should be spun counter-clockwise as well...something to do with a natural twist in the way the stalk grows... Oh, and thanks for the rice flour comment too!

Funny that you mentioned Kromski -- I ended up getting a K Symphony as well -- and yes, was mightily entertained by the Polish newspapers. Lyle has the family walking wheel and was interested to hear that some people think it's faster than a sitting wheel. Certainly it's better/easier on the body. I don't usually spin for more than an hour or two at a time -- arms need a break too... I also have a collection of drop spindles (different weights for different fineness of yarn/thread) -- I can spin fairly quickly on those as well, they cost less than a spinning wheel, and are easier to travel with. Yes, there are spinning wheels made for travelling (and I wouldn't say No to a nice Majacraft wheel!), but you can fit a drop spindle and a bit of fiber into a small basket, or stick it all in a bag and put it in your knapsack.

I tend to spin Romney, Shetland, and Icelandic mostly -- longer staple, longer lasting. Lucky me, I've been able to find people who raise all three of these, plus some other types, in our area.... which doesn't mean I won't go to the sheep show in Rhinebeck, NY next month! While we can still afford to go there, it's a great place to get everything from raw fleeces to finished sweaters and everything in-between. They also usually have clinics/demos on spinning, knitting, and weaving. And of course they have some wheels, spindles, etc. Also food vendors... last year we tried cheese samples that were simply amazing. I meant to get some, but we were too tired by the end of the day to go back there.

For those who want/need to learn one-on-one and don't have a friend to teach them, look for guilds in your area. In our area (western MA) have spinning/fiber guilds, knit-ins, weaving guilds, etc. in our area. And the local fiber shops have classes too (some $$). There are guilds all over New England and New York. I'd be surprised if there weren't others across the country.

On durability of socks, it's my understanding that it depends on the material used. In wool, you want yarn from an adult animal -- super soft lamb's wool will never hold up under the abuse of being walked on repeatedly.

Deb G said...

I'm spending a lot of time knitting right now. It seems like such a practical skill to have if needed. And I'm actually finding it's a more affordable way to have the things I love-both in terms of environmental and social costs as well as financial. And I just find that it's soothing.

I learned the basics of knitting as a child, but I never really started getting serious about it until a year ago. I'm on my fourth pair of socks-they are a great project for working on at bus stops. They really aren't as difficult as rumor has it!

I'm also working on my first sweater- my biggest worry is whether it will fit me.... But if it doesn't, it will fit my dad :)

I'm really curious about how you would process bamboo-that's a material I have a lot of access to and I have a coworker that is going to teach me how to use a drop spindle. More info on that would be great.

And a last thing, I've been sewing clothes for myself with hemp (both knits and wovens). It's a wonderful material! Very comfortable to wear and easy to sew. I'm going to try knitting something with it soon.

Anonymous said...

Hi Kate, I don't know how long handknitted socks wear becuase it depends on the wool, and the foot and that sort of thing, but you can reknit the heels and toes, and I think it's worth stranding in "heel wool" to make them last longer.

I honestly think knitting is one of the most conforting things you can do, for youself and other people. I'd love to learn to spin, but was never able to justify the expense of buying the raw material. (Drop spindle I know you can make for free. Heck, people used to use a stone.)


Anonymous said...

Oh, what am I working on...you mean, what am I not working one.

1) a redcross blanket from yarn from cycle. It a red, white and blue varigated that someone start crocheting into an afghan about the time of the bicentenial going by the price on the bands. Since I have tons of odd bits of white, I'll use those to make up the number of squares. DD the older is enjoying unwraveling it for me.
2) a pair of wool socks for a friend, very soft wool, works very quickly. Should get these finished by the weekend.
3) my ill fated red socks that will be finished one day.
4) green socks for dd the elder
5) a watch cap for the soup kitchen.

This is what's on my needles. I have 2 baby blankets for the sale of work at church to edge and the promise of purple socks for dd the younger, not to mention lots more dark colors for watch caps.

To be honest, I'd love to knit something else for a change, but we are so well off for woolies it's not even funny.


Maeve said...

So far I sew, and do cross stitch and embroidery. When I was little, I learned the basics of knitting and crochet, as well as tatting. I'm planning on re-learning these skills.

I have some stuff for spinning as well, so when the weather is colder and I feel like being smothered with a heap of warm fiber, I'll be attempting to learn to spin my own yarn.

Learning about natural dyes is on my list as well. A little bit of decoration on utilitarian objects lifts the spirits.

Anonymous said...

I'm a lefty and first learned to knit as a kid (for a 4-H project) from a pamphlet that recommended mirror-knitting, doing the opposite of what the righties do. I don't recommend it. You will have trouble interacting with all the myriad of patterns designed for normal knitting. In the knitting I've done in recent years, I've used regular continental style knitting, which differs from English in that the yarn is managed with the index finger of the left hand, not the right hand. That lets me emphasize the left hand, and the right really doesn't have to do anything too dexterous. Any method will seem clumsy when you start using it (okay, in my case it still does), so I think a lefty can learn to do this kind of two-handed task the right-handed way just as easily.

Anonymous said...

Another thought, if you learn to knit left handed (or right handed if you are a lefty) you can press the needle (non pointy end) against your side, and keep knitting while you do other things. Very efficent.

And here is the list of my works in progress. They will get finished, believe it or not.

1) a red cross blanket out of some stuff I got off freecycle.It's red, white and blue verigated, and going by the price on the band the half done afgan was started in 1776. Dd the younger is enjoying undoing it, and I'm putting an unravelled ball with an unused one. I have lots and lots of odd bits of white, and will make up squares to fill out the numbner.

2) a pair of wool socks for a friend, lovely stuff that is a joy to knit. Hope to finish by weekend.

3) My ill fated red socks.

4) dd the elder's green socks, shoved asided when I realized I was well behind on my watch cap quota.

5) dd the younger's loud purple socks, ditto

6) a dark red watch cap for the soup kitchen

7) 3 started wash clothes for the soup kitchen (only thing I crochet except edgeing. I start them when I've gone somewhere with nothing but a hook and some cotton and find I have unexpect time to wait.

8) 2 baby blankets waiting for edging for the sale of works at church

My maternal line has always knitted, from the time it was just a way you got some of your clothes until the present day. A nurse at CHOP took a picture on her cell phone of my mother, me and dd the elder, then age 6, all knitting waiting for dd to go into pre op. Dd just assume that when you went to hosital you brought you knitting since it was one of things I alway grabbed with I went off with her younger sister -- along with meds, scans and the plastic rat.


Anonymous said...

I'm freaking out! I'm also a knitter, and I had NO idea that there were other knitters out there of the same mindset about what's coming down the pike. Great, great news!

On another note, I justify increasing my stash with the reasoning that as oil prices rise, so will the price of yarn (transportation, production, etc.). I wish I lived in an area where I could get hand-spun eco-friendly yarn easily--I've had to order it off the Internet (which will probably not be available if the grid goes down).

I plan to just sit and knit when the time comes, and the whole darn world can come crashing down around me. Now, if I could just find a way to eat what I knit . . .

connie said...

sigh. i loved this post. my husband and i dream of the day when we have the land and time to farm (the plan is in the next 6 years) and fiber animals and plants are on the menu. my husband just finished the parts for his first made from scratch spinning wheel (he is a cabinet maker by trade and a tinker-er/inventor by nature(or nurture- his father built an airplane in their basement so it could be a family trait...). our vote though, is llama and alpaca. everyone should have their own llama.
by the way, i tell him about your blog, and all he ever says is "where does she live? well thats not too far can we come visit?" so... can we?

Leila said...

Oil prices surge and dollar falls - the NY Times just now. OOh and as I typed, a little earthquake hit my house in Oakland, CA, with an ominous preliminary grumble before the shake. God keep us all safe.

Michelle said...

Got sheep. Got wool. Can't spin.
Can't knit. Trying felting soon.

Anonymous said...

good hat pattern. I like this b/c you can use it it for premie caps (with one or 2 ply) all the way up to watch caps, and it's knitted flat. (It's also fun to do the decreases.)

Cast on in multiples of 12 (you can cheat and do 6 or 3 -- you'll have rounds of dec. with stitches at the end that you just knit and ignore. (You know how many stiches by measuring the head and working a gage in stocking stitch.)

Rib. Knit 1, purl 1 for premie cap knit 2, purl 2 for children's outdoor hats, knit 3, purl 3 for larger hats. Rib an inch to 4 inches depending on size of head.

Knit in stocking stich for 40 rows (except for premie caps you want the this part to be the same lenght as the ribbing, so you can add or subtract a row or two).

Then knit 10, knit two together, repeat to end of row. (If you have extra stitches, just keep knitting.) Turn and purl back. For large adult hats I then knit a row, purl a row, before knitting 9, tog, etc. to end of row. For smaller hats, don't put in the two extra rows. Then you keep going, until the row where you've knit 1, knit tog. At that point, just turn and purl tog across, unless it's a very large hat, then purl, turn and tog.

You thread the end through the stitches and sew the seam. Since the bottom of the hat is turned up, I turn it rightside out when I get to the ribbing and have the seam on the other side.

It's great for stripes and using up little bits of wool becuase you can work 3 different balls across, just change color each row. If I have something very thin, even cotton, I'll strand that all the way up and work in the other colors and it really pull things together.


Amelia said...

Sharon, I thought you and the others might like to know that I found copies of most of the books referenced at my local library, so I've been able to preview them before spending cash I don't have this month -- I've already got four projects picked out!

(I'm currently culling my personal library to make room for more useful books, so trips downtown mean I'm dropping off nearly as many books as I'm picking up! Fortunately I'm down to two more bagfuls, and I'd like to encourage everyone else to consider donating unwanted books to their local libraries: funding tends to get cut in tight times.)

Anonymous said...

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