Thursday, May 10, 2007

Starting the Riot for Austerity

In his book _Heat: How to Stop the Planet from Burning_ George Monbiot makes the compelling case that if we are to stop catastrophic global warming, we must reduce world emissions to 2.7 tons per year by 2030. Right now, the world emits a bit over 7 billion tons. So that means a worldwide reduction of at least 60% (it is probably actually more, because the IPCC figures have risen since the publication of Monbiot's book). The thing is, however, you can't just institute across the board 60% cuts - and say, thus to a village in Chad that uses electricity to light their school, clinic and pump water for the communal well, "Oh, sorry, you have to give up the clinic and the well." The only just solution is to hold the largest emitters proportionately responsible. Which means in the US, a cut of our emissions of 93 or 94% (depending on who you ask).

Monbiot observes that we lack the political will to make this happen, and says "no one has ever rioted for austerity." By that he means that there's never been a worldwide political movement demanding "we want less." As Monbiot observes in his latest London Guardian article, the governments of rich nations have pretty much decided that environmental apocalypse is more politically expedient than actually doing what's necessary. The most radical plans proposed in the US represent only an 80% cut in emissions by 2050 - which is simply too little, too late.,,2069395,00.html

All of which means one thing - unless we do something entirely unprecedented in our history, that is, demand that our governments take action to give us a world that consumes less and uses less power, our governments will let billions die for reasons of expedience.

But it is important to note that we do have power over our governments. We can make it so that isn't politically expedient to do that much harm. And one of the ways we can do that, is to stand up and represent a visible reproach to the notion that reducing our emissions that much is impossible, that Americans would never do this. As soon as some of us can stand up and say "I did it." "I did it." "My family did it." "We did it...and you can too." We can offer living proof to those who believe falsely that we must choose between "the American way of life" and "leaving the next generation a world worth living in."

Miranda, over at SimpleReduce ( and I have decided that someone has to do it - and it might as well be us. Our goal is, over the next year (but continuing steadily over time...this isn't something short term) to reduce our emissions down to 7% of the average American's. Now obviously, this is one of those things that would be vastly easier with the help of social programs and new initiatives - but we're going to do it without those things, to prove that it is possible to live and live well without destroying the earth.

We're still working out the parameters, and would welcome advice and suggestions on how to set things up. At the moment we're talking about making 93% reductions in emissions in 7 areas - sometimes by simply not using a thing, other times by using renewables, or by a combination.

1. Electricity
2. Gasoline
3. Heating fuel
4. Food energy
5. Water
6. Consumer purchases
7. Garbage production

We're still figuring out the exact metrics for calculating the consequences of our lifestyle, but we invite others to join us, and to write a weekly update on your blog (or post one in the comments sections of one of ours). We'll link blogs together and talk about how the project has gone for all of us. And at the end of this, we can at least give the lie to the notion that "Americans would never do this."

I think this is going to be fun - optimizing your life so that you get the most out of the least inputs is one of the most fascinating projects I can imagine. Plus, the world needs a few more good riots, even quiet ones.



Sue said...

Oooh! I want to play! I'm assuming that we will be making calculations to figure, for example, how much energy went into the production of whatever renewables we use, pro-rated out over their expected life? Something like that? I'm extremely curious how my current life rates -- how far from that 7% I am. Those online ecological footprint calculators don't deal with enough real issues to be useful, IMO. Bring it on, let's riot for austerity! "Hey, Hey, BPA, how many fish did you kill today?" :)

(for those non-western-USA'ers, that's Bonneville Power Administration, the folks with the really big dams up in the NW corner of the country, that produce lots of watts and lots of other problems...)

Malva said...

I posted on Miranda's blog that I want in too! I'm ready for something beyond "Greening your life for beginners". Not that I have anything against that, alot of people still need the inspiration and are taking their first steps now. I'm just ready to take it farther.

Anonymous said...

I'm in too. I first read this and thought how can Sharon reduce her comsuption by another 93% percent, and then realized it's from the average US American usage.

I really, really need something to keep my spirits up right now, and this sound like an obtainable goal for my household.

My candiate for town council, who is PO and Gobal Warming away was defeated in her bid. I was told by one of the winners that GW was junk science. One of my PO group families has moved away, to care for her parents, which I think is great, but it's left a void, and another left by someone whose dropped out becuase she thinks PO isn't going to be that bad after all due to all those alternative engergies people are investing so much money in.

The chance to be part of something positive that might actually have an effect (and get me out of my terrible funk (the only difference I can see between me and Cassandra is that I don't have to worry about Achiles raping me in the temple of Diane (or was it Athene -- brain cells going every day))) is wonderful.

Sharon, how do you remain so up-beat? Those breastfeeding hormones or something else?



Sara said...

What will you use as your baseline? For instance, various calculators tell me that our four-person (two adults, two kids) household typically throws off the same amount of carbon as the average (individual) American -- but I don't feel like we're all that austere. OTOH, maybe we are and I just don't notice because I'm used to it.

anna in canada said...

Count me in too--although I have *no idea* how to calculate such a thing.

Heather Gray said...

I'm interested also, although I too don't know how to calculate or prorate things. Is there some web site (or sites) that have that sort of information?

We've already instituted many changes... apparently our household of two (plus 2 cats) already uses about 70% less than the average US household. Hard to imagine. Saving lots of money, too, which is good since I'm not currently employed at a regular job.

One of my big bugaboos is heating next winter - we have oil heat. Current plan is to move all our living space down into the first floor and shut down all but the bathroom (shower) on the second floor. Plus our city gets 40% of it's electrical power from the city's dam, so we may have a small portable heater or two.

And, I think I'm going to see how hard it is to make cat food... those little cans are really starting to bother me, even though they're recyclable.

jewishfarmer said...

I'm so glad to see so much enthusiasm!!!

We're still working out how, exactly, we'll calculate this. We're getting figures for average American consumptions for things like electricity and gas, but the things like food will be more complicated.

And yes, I couldn't cut 93% over my current use without going Amish, but fortunately, I only have to get down to 93% below the average American. And since Americans are the biggest consumers in the world, that's not quite as hard (btw, if any non-Americans want to participate, we can get figures for other nations as well). As my husband joked the other day "all we have to do is get the average American to consume a little bit more and we do this in our sleep ;-)" Gallows humor, but funny.

MEA, I'm an innate optimist - I can't help it. This is a good thing because I'm married to a pessimist. I keep telling him this works out well, because between the two of us, we get a whole glass of water ;-). But seriously, I get bummed about this stuff too - the only thing I can think of as a solution is work, lots of it.

I'm sorry you lost your friend and the election - that sucks.

And yes, Sue, we'll prorate renewables. That'll be an interesting metric as well.

Ok, more soon but we've got a thunderstorm, so I have to turn off the 'puter.


Ken said...

A few things we are doing if this will help.
1. Stopped working full time 5 years ago. Went from driving two vehicles 70+ miles per day to about 30 today, with one vehicle.
2. Our average KWH per day is 14
3. Our average Gallons per day of water is(two people) 15.5
4. I have 2,000 gallons of rain water stored for gardens. Will be adding to this later.
5. Composting toilet. Fours years doing this.
6. Gray water system from eco clothes washer. Working on sinks and bathtub later.
7. Adding to gardens so we can grow more food.
8. Use solar clothes drier and wood heat in winter to dry clothes.
I hope this does not sound like bragging, but I've been told we need to track what we use in order to see where we came from. There are more areas I will be tracking as time permits. Much work to be done, but it's fun most of the time.
Thanks for all you do.

Anonymous said...

How about some figures for Australia, too. I hear sometimes that we even beat the Americans with our carbon emissions. However, our prime minister, the lovely John Howard assures us that the amount is so little when compared to overall statistics that we really don't need to make any sacrifices.

We have an election coming up towards the end of the year and I'm hoping, hoping, hoping that he gets the boot


John Rawlins said...

Sharon, peak oil/gas may well decline by close to 80% by 2050 whether we like it or not. And therefore food supply will decline almost proportionally, and therefore so will population. A good TOD post of this subject looked at the population decline possibilities:

Heinberg recently summarized results of two reports on coal, and it's beginning to look like world coal supply will peak around 15 years from now also. Wouldn't it be ironic if all these fossil fuels present us with a double whammy instead of a single - mess up the climate, as well as overshoot and dieoff consequences?

Anonymous said...

I want to join! So, if at all possible, figures for The Netherlands would be nice. If that is a problem, tell me exactly what figures you/we are going to need and I will try to locate them.

I'm really excited about this challenge. Reading/thinking about PO and Climate Change make me usually sooo depressed, especially because I can't convince my husband :-( and I feel so powerless.

The Netherlands

Anonymous said...

Not that it makes a bit of difference, but Ajax the Greater raped Cassardra in the Temple of Athene.


Anonymous said...

Sharon - many thanks for your writings, which are a real pleasure to find.

Here in the UK Monbiot's work is well known, and I concur with his analysis.

While I see the desireability of the tactic of individuals demonstrating that a 94% cut in GHG output is both achievable and endurable,
there is a downside worth dealng with.

It is that if one is focussed on using less energy, there can be a tendency to campaign less as a result.

Given that Cheyney et al will not be sad to see substantial energy conservation, leaving cheaper energy available for the profligate user,
I suggest that the need for campaigning is greater than ever before.

Monbiot's target of 60% by 2030 is a part of that campaign, but it is not the core issue, which is about just how emissions rights, under a declining global GHG budget, will be shared among the nations.

Cheyney is no doubt quite content to be told the US should do more, to which the standard response is "Go tell China!"

What is needed is campaining for the adoption of the very specific global policy framework known as
"Contraction & Convergence." [C&C].

This framework was developed by the London-based Global Commons Institute, who presented it to the UN in '92, and have advanced it since to gain many endorsements including those of the European Parliament and the Africa Group of Nations at the UNFCCC.

In essence, C&C is a framework for the nations' agreement over climate policy.
Starting from a science-based target of a peak of airborne GHGs to avoid more than 2 degrees C of Warming, an annually declining global GHG budget can be calculated (the Contraction).

National shares of this budget start from the present GDP-based volumes, and transition, over an agreed number of years, to shares according to nations' populations, that is, per capita parity of national emissions rights. (The Convergence).

With those rights being tradeable, within a cap, and with proceeds ring fenced to sustainable energy development, this is arguably the swiftest transition from fossil fuel dependence that is economically endurable.

Without popular campaigning, the status quo will continue to hide behind a logjam of its own making, so I'd urge people to strive to balance their efforts at home with equal or greater efforts for the world stage.

Further info on C&C at



anna in canada said...

I just want to go slightly off topic for a second and respond to Heather about making pet food. I've made home-made food for my animals (currently 3 cats and a dog, but when these guys pass, I'll be downsizing to one of each, and maybe an extra cat!) since they arrived at my doorstep. It's dead easy, but takes a bit of research. I use local, pastured beef (or buffalo, when I can get it, or chicken), a lot of the time the veg come from my garden, and the grains are as local and organic as I can make them. The meat is usually coarsely ground scraps from the butcher, and often has the better organ meats (like heart) that the butcher gives away because they're hard to sell. Often I'll get bones for the dog to chew on as well. She has beautiful teeth. Kibble, by the way, *doesn't* clean teeth any more than crunchy potato chips do. I add things like kelp (local where I am), food-grade bonemeal, alfalfa powder, etc. from the health-food store, and local, free range eggs (I've met the chickens who made the eggs!). The result is--perhaps not *entirely* sustainable, but as close as I can get. I make it raw, it's unbelieveably healthy, and no more expensive than "good" quality kibble. For my crowd--and they are a bit of a crowd!--The dog is 65 pounds--it costs me about $12-$15/week (Canadian), and an hour of my time every two weeks. I make big batches and freeze.

I used to make cooked food, but it's *much* more time-consuming, and I've found my guys do better on raw.

Vets (at least allopathic ones) will tell you all sorts of stories about parasites, toxic baddies in meat, etc etc. I've never had a single problem. Instead, I have constant comments on the health of my guys.

There are lots of resources on the web, and several good books--it's a really good idea to look into these, because the transition can be tricky. Good luck!

Delpasored said...

I'm in! Reducing my impact by 93% may be close to impossible given the area I live in and my commute, but I'll do my best. I think we can all easily reduce our impact one step at a time and start to think "What are the Benefits? What are the Risks? What are the Alternatives? Do I need it right Now or can I wait? (BRAN for short)

Anonymous said...

So where can we get the actual figures for these items? Since I just moved into a new home and am still it the very early phases of eco-fying it and the land I live on, I don't think I'll be able to succeed in this project, but I'll give it a shot. Maybe I will make it in at least one category!

Anonymous said...

What do we do with job-related things?

My husband has a daily commute of at least 1,5h (one way) and he flies regularly (within Europe). He LOVES his job, so that is not going to change anytime soon.


GK4 said...

Here is my method for calculating carbon dioxide emissions.


Everything is converted to kilograms and metric tons. Metric is easier for me, and it is also a global standard. (However, this is only for results. For example, I do measure car mileage in miles, and the spreadsheet gives results in kilograms.)

Also, I measure carbon dioxide, not carbon. There’s a big difference, but it’s an easy conversion.

CO2 per Unit of X

How much CO2 is produced by a given unit of X is probably the central factor in this calculation. If anyone has found better information, please share it.

The figures I use for electric-power generation come from the Sustainable Energy and Economy Network (SEEN). I have also converted their figures to metric.

Electricity from coal, 1 kWh --> 2 pounds of CO2 = 0.9 kg CO2
Electricity from natural gas, 1 kWh --> 1 pounds of CO2 = 0.45 kg CO2
Electricity from oil, 1 kWh --> 1.7 pounds of CO2 = 0.77 kg CO2

For natural gas, I have used information from the American Chemical Society article, “Your Personal Greenhouse”, by George Barnwell.

One CCF of natural gas --> 5.4 kg CO2

Barnwell has a lower number of pounds of CO2 from coal for electric generation, so I went with the SEEN figure.

I got my home heating oil figure from the Energy Information Administration: (found via ).

One gallon of heating oil --> 22.4 lbs. CO2 --> 10.16 kg CO2

The EPA has information about gasoline at .

One gallon of gasoline --> 19.4 lbs. CO2 --> 8.8 kg CO2
One gallon of diesel --> 22.2 lbs. CO2 --> 10.07 kg CO2

I’ve been using a figure of 9.09 kg per gallon for gasoline, but I don’t remember where I got that number.

A Note on Electric Power Generation

Different places across the world generate electricity by different means. In fact, even a small area might have a mix of types of plants supplying the grid.

I live in New England. According to Kevin McCarthy, Principal Analyst at the Connecticut Office of Legislative Research, “Generators in New England rely heavily on natural gas and oil to produce power, while generators in other regions make more extensive use of coal, nuclear energy, and hydropower.” So, I have been using the Barnwell natural gas figure for home natural gas since it is higher than SEEN’s number for commercial electricity generation.

A better way to figure this might be the following. (Please comment.) Find out from your electric power company what proportions of your electricity supply come from which energy sources. If it’s (say) 50% natural gas, 20% coal, and 30% oil, I think you might want to do this:

1 kWh = 0.5 kWh from gas + 0.2 kWh from coal + 0.3 kWh from oil
CO2 from 1 kWh = 0.5 kWh x 5.4 kgCO2/ kWh + 0.2 kWh x 0.9 kgCO2/ kWh + 0.3 kWh x 0.9 kgCO2/ kWh

But I haven’t taken that step yet.

Simple Measurements

Get to know your utility meters. I check them every ten or eleven days (to make it three times each month), but you can do it however often you like. I wanted to the shorter period to monitor changes more closely, and to get myself into the habit. There is no need to wait until you get your utility bill.

If you live in an apartment building or other multi-unit residence, make sure you can distinguish your meter from the other peoples’.

Get the Computer to Do Your Math for You

My spreadsheet has the following columns.
Column A = Month
Column B = Dates (For example January 1-10, January 11-20, and January 21-31)

My first section is for electricity
Column C = Measurement from the electric meter
Column D = kWh (the difference between the current period’s meter reading minus the previous period’s meter reading, using a formula, such as “=C33-C32”)
Column E = CO2 (kg) (this is the kWh from Column D times the number of kg CO2 equivalent produced by 1 kWh. More about this later.)
Column F = % by type (Column E divided by the total CO2 produced in that time period. This is for perspective, helping you see what the higher and lower CO2-producers are.)

My second section is for heating oil, which is what we use for heating. You may have a different system.
Column G = Dates
Column H = Measurement from the oil tank. (We are fortunate enough to have a gauge on ours that indicates how much of the tank is full. Since I know the volume of the oil tank, I know how many gallons is 100%, 75%, etcetera. From there I made a scale of the actual number of gallons and placed it alongside the gauge.)
Column I = gallons (The difference between the current period’s gauge reading minus the previous period’s gauge reading, using a formula, such as “=H33-H32”. Note that the math gets weird when the tank runs low and has to be refilled, because the later measurement says there is more oil in the tank, which true. See if you can record the measurement before the oil truck comes and do the math.)
Column J = CO2 (kg) (This is the gallons of oil from Column I times the number of kg CO2 equivalent produced by 1 gallon of home heating oil. More about this later.)
Column K = % by type

My third section is for natural gas, which is what we use for heating water and for cooking. You may have a different system.
Column L = Dates
Column M = Measurement from the gas meter (Ours measures in hundred cubic feet)
Column N = CCF (The difference between the current period’s meter reading minus the previous period’s meter reading, using a formula, such as “=M33-M32”.)
Column O = CO2 (kg) (This is the CCF from Column N times the number of kg CO2 equivalent produced by 1 CCF of natural gas. More about this later.)
Column P = % by type

My fourth section is for gasoline for the car.
Column Q = Dates
Column R = Mileage from the odometer
Column S = gallons (The difference between the current period’s odometer reading minus the previous period’s odometer reading, and that difference divided by the fuel efficiency in miles per gallon. Since my car gets 40 mpg, the formula is would be “=(R33-R32)/40”.)
Column T = CO2 (kg) (This is the gallons of gasoline from Column S times the number of kg CO2 equivalent produced by 1 gallon of gasoline. I also use a modifier. More about all this later.)
Column U = % by type

My final section is for CO2 effects of products and services.
Column V = Dates
Column W = blank
Column X = dollars (This number is inserted here by Excel, but is tallied in a second worksheet. It’s too complicated to get into here.)
Column Y = CO2 (kg) (This number is inserted here by Excel, but is tallied in a second worksheet. It’s too complicated to get into here. More about all this later.)
Column Z = % by type

The final column is AA. This adds together the CO2 (kg) figures for their respective time periods. This is also the column you need to calculate the percentage that each activity is responsible for.

I also have columns which calculate how far off I am from my goal. Farther on, I have a graph that shows for each month. The height of the column is the total CO2 for that month. And each columns is striped with many colors, each showing how much of the CO2 came from which source. This is how I learned, for example, that heating is my biggest single CO2 source during the winter.


Remember to divide CO2 figures by the number of people benefiting, where appropriate. I live with another person, so electricity, heating, and natural gas calculations are divided by two. When I drive alone, I don’t modify the number for that journey. But when I drive with one or two other people, I divide that journey by two or three, as appropriate.

I do the same for bus trips. I ride the bus to work sometimes. This does not increase the odometer reading on my car, but it does create CO2, so I calculate the CO2 produced using a very complicated system that takes into account the fuel efficiency of the bus, the total number of riders, and how much of the trip each rider is on board. I can go into this if anyone wants more information.

Question: Should I really include bus CO2 as part of my personal share of CO2? Should I also use it even on days when I drive myself? (After all, the bus is going whether or not I am on it. It still has a seat for me.) I’d like to know what other think about this.

I will have to explain CO2 from products and services some other time. It’s complicated, but for now I’ll say it’s based on figures in “The Consumer's Guide to Effective Environmental Choices: Practical Advice from the Union of Concerned Scientists” (1999). Basically, I have another worksheet for every kind of product and service, and it tells me how many kg CO2 are produced per dollar spent. It’s admittedly only an estimate, but it can be significant so it is definitely worth addressing. I hope that this calculator can be improved by putting our heads together.

Food is one set of products and services that merits its own separate discussion.

Please let me know if this is helpful to you. And do please tell me if I am making any mistakes or there are ways to improve this spreadsheet. Thanks.

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