Monday, September 20, 2004

We're going to lose

The reason I'm writing about knitting today is because the world is damned depressing. I am nearly certain that the democrats (who I hate with a passion for selling their fucking souls), ie John Kerry (who I hate for being John Kerry) are going to lose to My lord Vader & Chippy, the wonder chipmunk, also known as the current administration. Please understand that I would have cheerfully given a limb to help the dems, deeply as I have come to loathe them, because I'm downright terrified about what's coming - the world that my kids are going to grow up in. But I don't think I can fix it - we're going to lose (and I'm not sure we don't deserve to), but I can wind yarn and knit.

On a list I'm on, someone rather cynically suggested he would vote for Bush (he lives in Florida, natch) because he needs more time to make his peak oil preparations - ie, he wants us to continue conquering the earth and claiming the oil for our own. And the horrible thing is that I can't find much flawed in his logic (which I am not representing fairly here - it was pretty good).

Grandma and Grandpa absolutely refuse to move to Canada here, and our great neighbor to the north has made no move annex the northern states (please, please, please - we'll cheerfully come!), so I guess I'm stuck here, taking bets one whether we'll blow up Iran or N.Korea next, and whether the draft will be in effect for the World War we're building for ourselves when my boys turn 18. Flat feet and heart murmurs...sigh.

This is just depressing. Really, really depressing. Noticing ponchos are back depressing. I should eat pringles or buy yarn or get drunk or something. But breastfeeding mommies can't get drunk, I don't really like the aftertaste of sour cream and onions, and I've busted my yarn budget for the month. And so I blog. Someone please tell me its going to be ok?



Gravity Checker said...

It will be okay. Creeps and idiots often climb to the top of the heap. Since they have no lasting vision or sense of the world around them, they eventually fade away or become so obvious that even their ardent supporters leave in disgust. Take a few deep breaths, knit a sweater or two and grab a nice bottle of wine. I mean really, what is left for Schrubbeue to mess up?

On the other hand, please go out and encourage all you know to vote for John Kerry before the world as we know it is raped beyond recognition.

I don't know if this makes you feel any better, but somehow I do.

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